Handmade briar smoking pipes

Hi! My name is Alexander Bondarev. I live and work in St Petersburg, Russia. I specialize at making handmade pipes from briar which is a burl of a small Mediterranean tree called Erica Arborea. Once being a hobby now it’s evolved into my beloved job.

My pipes mean materials of exceptional quality, painstaking performance, and the most crucially, perfect engineering and a perfectionistic eye for details.

Sandblasted Canadian
20x40mm 165mm 39g
27 300 rur $484 390 €
Elephant Foot
19x40mm 160mm 58g
24 500 22 050 rur 434 $390 350 315 €
Sandblasted Bent Apple
20x35mm 148mm 62g
Sandblasted Lovat
20x39mm 154mm 33g
31 800 rur $564 455 €
Smooth Dublin
19x35mm 153mm 53g
28 300 24 055 rur 502 $426 405 344 €
Bent Egg
20x41mm 132mm 44g
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About pipes I make

It takes several days to make each smoking pipe. Most of the time is spent on internal unnoticed but very important works that are the keystone of getting pleasure from the process of smoking a pipe. It’s a fine length adjustment of a mouthpiece tenon, removing drilling burrs, sanding of pipe shank and mouthpiece channels, polishing of mouthpiece channel, wide and deep lip bore chambering.

Although these trivia are often ignored by pipe manufacturers I believe they are of the very last importance. The pipe with a smooth channel without burrs and dramatic narrowing and widening makes tobacco smoke drier, doesn’t gurgle and can be easily cleaned to dryness with a brush. A correct lip bore directs the smoke as a wide flat slow stream, not a thin fast jet that blisters a tongue.

From a great variety of smoking pipe shapes I prefer straight classic pipes. From time to time I make freehand ones. I especially like longshank pipes. But my favourite pipe shape is a Canadian. I make them more often than other shapes. And they are best-sellers. I don't understand modern trend to make nosewarmers, I hate short pipes. So my pipes are almost always full length. Even if I am tasked to make a light pipe for smoking in teeth, I usually prefer to reduce the weight rather than shorten the pipe.

Considering that I make only a few smoking pipes a month I use the manufacture date as pipes ID. Each pipe has a special stamp showing the year, month and day of birth next to my maker’s stamp.

Articles about pipe smoking

How to choose a smoking pipe?

How to choose a smoking pipe?

I you are just are going to start pipe smoking, read this article first. It will help you not to make mistakes while choosing your first pipe.

Smoking pipes shapes

Smoking pipes shapes

In this article I will tell you about main pipe shapes. About straight and bent pipes, classical pipes and freehands, about advantages, disadvantages and features of different shapes.

My Favorite Pipe Tobaccos

My Favorite Pipe Tobaccos

The list os tobaccos I smoke the most often. I love full- and medium-bodied virginias.

Canadian, Lumberman, Lovat, Liverpool

Canadian, Lumberman, Lovat, Liverpool

These four classical shapes are very similar and often confused. They all have straight long shank, short stem and billiard bowl. The differences are in the shapes of shank and stem.


I have made a 50 minutes video with full process of pipe making. Hope my english is understandable enough.

Pipe making video

Pipes Archive

Year: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
Finish: smooth, sandblasted, rusticated