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Alexandr Bondarev, Smoking Pipes Maker
Alexandr Bondarev
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Bondarev Pipes / About me

About me

My name is Sasha, I live in Riga, Latvia, and I am a pipe maker. I craft tobacco smoking pipes from briar - a root of a tree, which grows around Mediterranean Sea.

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. I had finished 5 years of art school with honors, and then a physical and mathematical lyceum. When I was 17 years old, I had a choice in front of me what to do next: continue learning and become an artist or choose a technical profession.

I have chosen the second option and became a programmer. At first, I worked in a web design studio. Later, I moved up in ranks to become an administrator at a web-store. After acquiring all necessary traits, I managed to grow to be a web-programmer in IT-outsourcing Company.

After some time, I went to become a freelancer.

While working in my office as a freelancer, I would smoke cigars there. I’ve kept two humidors at all times. Both were full of Rocky Patel, Perdomo, CAO, and other cigars.

In 2010, I became interested in pipe smoking. My first pipes, were cheap, factory made in Italy. I was not overwhelmed by them. At some point, I almost abandoned the idea of pipe smoking. But, after receiving my first handmade pipe, as a gift from my wife, I noticed a huge difference between handmade and factory produced pipes.

Later, I became interested in pipe making. I really wanted to create a high quality, excellent engineered pipes, but at the same time, inexpensive. Importantly enough - this activity gave scope for a return to my passion for art, which I really missed.

Alexandr Bondarev

I’ve researched and found, enormous amount of information on the web about pipe making. I bought various materials, machines, and hand tools to craft pipes. It was very difficult at first, since I hadn't done anything similar in the past. I didn't even know the name of tools, which I had to purchase and use for my new craft.

In spring 2011, I made my first pipe. Not to say that it was technically perfect, but it was my first crafted pipe. Now, this pipe floats somewhere in the Ladoga Lake: it fell in water, while I was fishing in Karelia.

Since then, I’ve spent all my free time at the machines and files. This is a really interesting hobby.

A few months later, in autumn of 2011, I, as I thought, was ripe to show my works publicly. Now, I think, I probably hastened. I'm a little embarrassed for some of the pipes, which I crafted at the start, but it was a learning curve.

Soon after, I received my first orders. It was overwhelming. I sold my first pipes for $50. This price was high enough, to purchase additional materials. Then, I gained regular customers, who ordered again and again from me. My hobby became a little less expensive.

For a very long time, pipe making has been just my hobby, even while, I was still a programmer. I crafted pipes only in my spare time. The quality of my pipes grew, and so is the prices. In 2014, when there were more than a hundred pipes in my portfolio, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be more; a programmer or pipe maker.

Bent Dublin

I still do programming, from time to time, since I have a few regular customers who come for my help.
But now, pipe making is my main activity.

There is still a “business plan” on my desktop computer from 2010, when I considered my production costs and prices. It looks funny now, since, I wasn’t able to predict correctly any parameters of my work. I was over optimistic in fetching a high profit in my first year as a pipe maker. Like any craft, pipe making requires a lot of time and investment. Only after 5 years, I can say, that this work brings as much money as my old programmer job.

Pipe making is really interesting craft. This is the job, I am happy to go to in the morning and sad to leave in the evening. Each finished pipe is a real joy and a new personal achievement for me.

My web programming skills, gave me an ability to sell my work online. I have my own website, where I sell my newly crafted pipes. Unlike most pipe makers, I don’t have to work with dealers, or anyone else. I am my own dealer.

About half of my pipes were bought by my regular clients. Some of them have more than ten pipes. By becoming my regular client, you will have a significant discount.

My children

I appreciate all my clients: they are a source of my family well-being. Thanks to you, my children are able to go to a lovely private gardens, study painting and music, visit theatres and zoos, and have happy and carefree childhood.


November 26, 2013 in 18:03
Pashenka Scheglov
Очень хорошие получаются у Вас трубки. Так и хочется купить все
November 26, 2013 in 18:53
Elena Kuletskaya
как можно приобрести ???
Alexandr Bondarev
Ответил лично
December 3, 2013 in 10:48
Zhenya Groshev
Трубки уникально сделаны по новым технологиям и от этого очень приятно выйти с трубкой в свет
Alexandr Bondarev
Женя, Никаких новых технологий. Этим технологиям пара сотен лет точно есть :)
December 27, 2013 in 17:35
Tamara Serdyuk
как можно сделать заказ на трубку для сестры?В Тверь....
Alexandr Bondarev
Тамара, Конечно. Но срок - только август
Februrary 19, 2014 in 14:41
Anton Tyumentsev
посмотрел галерею трубок, был приятно удивлен, что в нашей стране есть такие мастера). Если не секрет, откуда берете эскизы, уж больно разнообразные они у вас получаются.
Alexandr Bondarev
Антон, Нет никаких эскизов :)
Большинство моих трубок - классические формы. Они достаточно каноничны, ничего выдумывать не надо.
July 13, 2015 in 13:50
Andrey Azarov
August 12, 2015 in 12:26
Andrey Kuznetsov
Здравствуйте. Не могли бы вы посоветовать некоторые источники в интернете откуда вы брали информацию о необходимых инструментах, а также о деталях подготовки сырья для создания "своей" трубки. Был бы вам очень признателен в предоставлении столь нужной для меня информации. Спасибо.
Alexandr Bondarev
Андрей, По инструменту вроде все есть и на моем сайте :)
Подготавливать сырье самому не надо: поставщики бриара продают уже подготовленный материал. Если поставщик не из самых авторитетных, неплохо бы бриару еще полежать-посушиться несколько месяцев.
July 29, 2016 in 15:45
Chris McCollum
Great share :)
September 21, 2016 in 20:07
Александр. Раньше у Вас на сайте были ссылки на поставщиков бриара. Сейчас их нет. Вы специально их удалили?
Alexandr Bondarev
Вячеслав, нет, просто реорганизовал сайт немножко, убрав непрофильные материалы на поддомены. Та статья сейчас вот тут.
January 20, 2017 in 20:21
Удачи Александр. Вы настоящий питерец, ленингградец, русский человек.
Februrary 6, 2017 in 02:46
Доброго времени суток!
Хотел бы посоветоваться с Вами в выборе первой трубки, не могу определиться. Подробнее хотелось бы по почте, если у Вас есть такая возможность. Заранее спасибо за внимание, желаю процветания Вашему бизнесу!
Alexandr Bondarev
Добрый день, Артем. Вот здесь есть длинная статья на эту тему. Если будут еще вопросы - охотно отвечу.
Februrary 8, 2017 in 11:51
Добрый день, Александр! Я живу в Москве, реально ли купить у Вас трубку др 15го февраля?
Alexandr Bondarev
Извините, я пол февраля провалялся в больнице, потом долеживал дома.
Februrary 8, 2017 in 12:53
Добрый день, Александр. Как можно заказать у Вас трубку? Хотим подарить её на юбилей в мае, находимся в Санкт-Петербурге.
Alexandr Bondarev
Напишу вам.
Februrary 22, 2017 in 00:43
peter davis
Hi Alexandr, I am in the uk and am interested in your pipes. I'm looking to have a hand made half bowl pipe with 9mm filter. Can you help please?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
Alexandr Bondarev
Sorry, Peter, I don't make filtered piped, because I don't use them. I can't make for sale what I don't use myself.
Apryl 12, 2017 in 15:45
Hi Alexandr,

This is Ray. I saw your website and just quick questions want to ask you.. Do you need to package your pipe with best quality soft leather pouch ..
Please let me know so that we can send you our catalog by email.
Alexandr Bondarev
Hi, Ray. I sew my leather pouches myself, thanx.
September 23, 2017 in 06:38
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Hi,I check your blog named "Alexandr Bondarev, Smoking Pipes Maker" like every week.Your writing style is witty, keep it up! And you can look our website about proxy list.
Februrary 2, 2018 in 19:44
день добрый, Александр!
сколько будет стоить хорн Шерлока-Ливонова
Februrary 2, 2018 in 19:45
извиняюсь, Ливанова

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