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Buy handmade smoking pipe
Alexandr Bondarev
Free delivery in EU! Sending from Latvia, so no VAT charging!

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How to buy smoking pipe

To buy smoking pipe, you can choose one of available pipes, or order the making a new one for you. A pipe may be payed with credit card or by Paypal.

I. Available pipes

Sandblasted Bent
$460 USD Buy now

Sandblasted Bent

Length:135 mm
Weight:36 g
Chamber:20x33 mm
Sandblasted Lovat
$503 USD Buy now

Sandblasted Lovat

Length:145 mm
Weight:32 g
Chamber:19x35 mm

You may subscribe to my newsleter if you want to know when new available pipes appear. You may choose how often you will recieve my letters.


II. Custom pipe making

If you can not find a suitable pipe among available, you can make an order. It will not cost more or less than the same available pipe. I can't tell you the exact date because very often due to the nature of the material is necessary to start up the pipe again and again. But usually it takes no more than a month.

No prepayment is required. You pay only when the pipe is ready and only if you like it's photos. If you don't, for whatever reason, I will make a new one for you. For me that's not a problem: the pipe will go on sale and will quickly find an owner who will love it.

To make an order, please fill this form:

Subscribe to maillist.
Letters will be sent once a week

III. Warranty

My reputation is very important for me. In any case of dispute, I always go to meet client, to avoid any grievances and unresolved conflicts. Client is allways right. Here are some examples of situations where I will replace your pipe to another of available pipes, or will make a new one for you:

  1. The pipe is broken, and there is a visible flaw on the fracture. Unfortunately, this may happen, and there is no way to avoid it. The briar really has sometimes hidden flaws in it. A lot of briar blocks in the process of pipe making are thrown out due to such flaws, trapped on the surface. But if the flaw does not extend to the surface, I do not know about its existence. Meanwhile, such a flaw, being, for example, in the mortise wall makes mortise less durable. Such break is definitely a warranty case, I will offer you a new pipe.
  2. Mortise wall or tenon is broken when trying to unscrew jammed stem. Unfortunately, the problem of getting stuck mouthpieces happens sometimes. Usual the reason is not enough dried briar. Except my very early pipes this should not happen, because I'm working with only a very, very reliable briar cutter Romeo Mimmo, which supplies only perfectly prepared stuff and never fails. However, a stem may become stuck because of the heat, for example. Of course, experienced pipe smoker will not use force in such case, but not all of my clients have the experience, and I, of course, take it into account. If you break a pipe while trying to unscrew a stem, it's definitely a warranty case. I will replace you pipe with new one. If only a stem is broken, in some cases, I will make a new stem for old pipe.
  3. The stem became loose. It doesn't happen to my pipes since I was a beginner in pipe making. But of course, in theory, if it happens that will be also a warranty case.
  4. Burnout in the chamber in place of sandpit. I don't accept large or even medium flaws in a chamber. If they exist, the pipe is thrown out. However, very small sandpits in a chamber are acceptable. In my experience they never are the reason of burnout. Just in case when you buy a pipe I will tell you about any sandpit in the chamber and fix its location. Burnout in place will be a warranty case, and I will replace you pipe.

Of course, all of this cases are extremely rare. In fact, I have come across only one in this case - broken acrylic tenon. I do not know why it happened: my client even did not use force to unscrew the stem. It was colored acrylic, and the fracture was on the border between the two colors layers. Perhaps there has happened a bubble while manufacturer mixed acrylic colors, which has made the material not robust enough at this point. Of course, I have made a new stem for that client.

Non-warranty cases

The warranty does not apply to cases when the pipe is subjected to mechanical impact or any other, to which the pipe was not designed. The drop, throw against the wall, pressing with tram weel or dipping in hydrochloric acid. Just email me what happened to the pipe. Even if this is not a warranty case, perhaps the pipe can be repaired cheaply, or I'll just give a good discount on a new one.

IV. Unconditional return

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to make a decision of buying pipe having only photos and specifications. If you bought the pipe, and for some reason do not like it, you can send it back to me within a week, and when I receive it, I will refund your money except the shipping cost.

To refund the pipe must be not smoked and not damaged.

I will not even ask what exactly you didn't like in the pipe. Returning the product in original condition is your absolute right. it is very important to me that each pipe is smoking by person who really likes it. If you decide that the pipe is not suited to you, let it be smoked by somebody else.

V. Personal discounts for regular customers

For regular customers I have a system of discounts depending on the number of pipes. It doesn't matter whether you bought my pipes - from a dealer, or used from another smoker. Even if you got my pipe as a gift, you are entitled to a discount on the second one.

Amount of discount:

  • 10% - on the second pipe
  • 15% - on the third and forth pipes
  • 20% - on the fifth and later pipes

Discount is lifetime, it does not depend on how long ago you bought your pipes, and how soon you buy a new one. The discount applies to available pipes and to the commissions. Discount does not sum with discounts, announced on the website on available pipes.

It works like this: in my database indicated that a person with a certain e-mail address has a discount. When you make a purchase online or make an order, the price will be recalculated after you enter your e-mail address. If it doesn't, for example, because of the change of address, please, write to me. If you bought my pipe elsewhere or you got it as a gift from somebody, also let me know.

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