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About my pipes
Alexandr Bondarev
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Bondarev Pipes / About my pipes

About my pipes

Paneled Lumberman

I have been making pipes since 2011 - at the time of this writing has already gone five years. Not the longest work, however, this is enough time to fully understand how to make a really quality smoking pipe.

I can't appreciate the aesthetic qualities of my pipes - I leave it you. But the taste, the quality of the fit of parts, accuracy of drilling and thoroughness of handling even the smallest details of my pipes is excellent, I am immodestly absolutely sure about it. Selling a pipe, I know it will be fine to smoke, simple and convenient in exploitation.

As additional quality assurance I offer the opportunity within a week after getting a pipe to return it and to get back all its cost, except the shipping costs. No one has used this opportunity yet.
Read in detail here.


For the making of my pipes I use only quality materials from reputable suppliers that have never failed me. I buy the briar from Romeo Domenico (Mimmo) - perhaps the most famous briar cutter. And this is really important: the taste of a pipe is very dependent on quality of briar.

Of course, during my work I have experimented with different suppliers. And decided to stop these experiments. The only benefit of other briar suppliers is a lower price. And I am sure, pipe maker should not save on briar.

Briar from Mimmo is always well cooked, always sufficiently dried, it is always damn tasty. Unlike some other suppliers, which used to disappoint. Meanwhile, I have to trust my reputation to my briar supplier, because if the customer remains dissatisfied with the taste of the pipe, it will be my fault. So only Romeo and no experiments.

I buy ebonite from a German manufacturer SEM. Ebonite supplier selection is not so important to the quality of pipes. There are some German, US and Japan manufacturers who can make high-quality ebonite, which can be well polished, do not fade and do not turn green in a month. And possible disadvantages affect only my work, but not on the quality of my pipes. For example, sometime bubbles happen in ebonite, because of which I have to throw almost finished stem out. It's frustrating, but it happens equally rare with all of the manufacturers that I worked with.

Shapes and sizes

Бластовый бентик в сравнении с банкой Петерсон

I'm not a fan of nosewarmers, and I am not involved in the current trend to reduce the dimensions of pipes. Most of my pipes have a size greater than the market average. I have to refuse nosewarmer orders because I don't smoke them and don't understand.

Among pipes shapes I prefer classics. If I do sometimes freehands, they are quite simply, with no frills. My favorite shape is canadian. Almost equally I appreciate other forms of canadian family: lumberman, lovat, liverpool.

I often use decoration rings of different materials: boxtree, rosewood, olive, mammoth tusk. For thin shanks I often use silver rings - they look beautiful, and give me the opportunity to make shank slim and durable at the same time.

Правильная инженерия курительной трубки


I am absolutely convinced that the most important thing in pipe is engineering: precise drilling, shank and stem bores fitting, the absence of internal cavities, gaps or steps, the deep tapered slot. Read more about the engineering of my pipes here.

Quality briar and perfect engineering together give a wonderful taste of a pipe and ease of care

My pipes do not provide filters and stingers. For me it is a religious question: I am convinced that nothing more in the tube should not be. If somebody orders filtered pipe, I have to refuse.


Februrary 2, 2017 in 11:18
Добрый день, Александр. Подскажите - мы хотим преподнести директору на юбилей трубку, юбилей в середине мая. Вы сможете изготовить трубку к этому сроку? Заранее спасибо за ответ.
March 9, 2018 in 23:47
Harun Ali
...hope to hear more from you...thank you....

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