Smoking pipe price

The price of my pipe depends only on aesthetic qualities and size. The most affordable of my pipes will be smoked the same as the most expensive in case of equal parameters. The engineering of my pipes is always impeccable.


Smooth tomato

Like most pipe masters, I use the grading system for pricing. I use latin letters a, b and c for that. The most expencive pipes gets a-grade. You can see grades on pipes pages.

Sometimes I stamp the grade letter twice or thrice. For example, "bbb" is the best pipe from a b-grade, almost a-grade. For smooth pipe it means that grains are very good, but there are a couple of sandpits, for example. Or, on the contrary, the surface is perfectly clean, but grains are not perfect on one side of the bowl.

A-grade pipes are extremely rare. And double-triple "a" essentially left in reserve.

You can see cyrillic letters A-Б-В on my old pipes. I used them in past. But then I got more and more abroad buyers, and decided to use latin letters, because letter B is the third in Russian alphabet and the second in English.

Smooth canadian

Pipes sizes

My prices depend on the pipe size too. I use my 5-point classification, but this number is not displayed on the website. First size pipes are very small, almost nosewarmers. The second size is medium. The third, forth and fifths sizes are large. There is a trend now on pipes market to reduce sizes, but I don't like this trend and don't participate in it.

The dependence of pipe price on size is quite objective. Large pipe requires more material, more work on shaping and sanding.

Smooth billiard

Smooth pipes

Smooth pipes are the most expensive. Among them, straightgrain pipes are more expensive then crossgrain (except blowfishes and other shapes designed for crossgrain).

Grades "a" and "b" are for straightgrain pipes. Grade "c" - for others.

c cc ccc b bb bbb a aa aaa
285-345 310-370 330-395 350-420 375-445 395-470 415-495 440-525 465-555

Sandblasted pipes

Sandblasted apple

On sandblasted pipes briar texture is just as important. But there are grooves instead of grains. Grooves are annual rings of briar perpendicular to grains. The most expensive pipes have circle grooves around the bowl. Also, the grade and price of a pipe can reduce because of some holes on the surface.

Grades "a" and "b" are for straightgrain pipes (circle grooves). Grade "C" - for others. In fact, I don't use a-grade for sandblasted pipes - I leave it in reserve for when I improve my sandblasting skills. Now the most expensive sandblasted pipes I make are bbb-grade.

c cc ccc b bb bbb a aa aaa
240-290 260-315 285-340 305-365 325-390 350-415 370-440 395-470 420-505

Rusticated pipes

Rusticated poker

I make rusticated pipes not very often now. They also have a grading system, but grades are not published on the website. I use to make just one type of rustication - the bark finish. It looks very nice on pokers.

Rusticated pipe price: 295 - 355 euro.


I offer a discount for regular buyers (and the most of my buyers are regular) - 10-20% depending on how many of my pipes you have.

Also, sometimes I list my pipes on low-start auctions on Ebay. Start bid is just $0.99. Bids on my auctions reach the normal price rarely - pipes use to sell cheaper while I have not high seller rating on Ebay. Follow my page on Ebay to take a part in my next auction.

Sometimes, about once a year, I start a charity auction on my Facebook page. Like my page and comment few posts to get news in your feed. The winner of the auction will pay not to me, but to charity fund. And I will send the pipe for free, and also I will pay for shipping. Not the fact that the pipe will sell cheaper than the regular price, but in any case, you will take part in a good cause.