Smoking Pipes Tomato

Large Tomato
Smooth Buddha
Sandblasted Buddha
Smooth Tomato
Buddha Tomato
Smooth Buddha Tomato
Bent Tomato
Chubby smooth tomato
Smooth tomato with mammoth tusk
Sandblasted tomato with buddha
Smooth tomato
Sandblasted apple
Sandblasted tomato
Smooth tomato
Sandblasted tomato
Sandblasted tomato
Huge blasted tomato
Smooth tomato
Alexandr Bondarev

Sasha Bondarev Latvian pipe maker

I started making pipes in 2011, and now it's my only job. I make about 5 to 8 pipes per month, spending 2 to 3 working days on each one.

For my pipes I use Italian briar and German ebonite or acrylic rods. I pay special attention to pipe engineering: accurate drilling, fine stem fitting, comfortable mouthpiece button, deep V-slot.

Every single one of my pipes provides a perfect smoking experience. Just try one of them, and I’m sure you will want to get a second one soon.